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Korean Nightlife, Nightlife

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As the sun goes down, here, you will find an abundance of bars, clubs, and night markets that allow you to immerse yourself in Korean nightlife, which is an entirely different experience. Whether you love, drink, club, or the Korean culture experience, there is a nightlife activity in Seoul that is right up your alley. Seoul never sleeps, and as such, the citys diverse, vibrant nightlife includes everything from 24 hour Norebangs (singing rooms) and snacks in outdoor night markets or HOFs (Korean bars) to high-end clubs and international hotel bars.

There are a number of districts in Seoul which are popular with both locals and tourists alike because of their nightlife. Places around Seouls capital are open late, with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants welcoming patrons well into the wee hours, if not the entire 24 hours. Whether you are looking for somewhere to wait for your first train after a night of clubbing, or you are looking to grab a coffee in one in the morning, Seoul is a city known for never closing, and there is always somewhere for you to go. Home to numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, arcades, and shops, it is the place to be if you are looking to party in Seoul.

Shopping, eating, and nightlife are all available to you here, and you do not need to step out of Busans gay neighborhood at all nights. Less busy and visible than Seouls Homo Hill, these clubs and bars tend to have more locals and travelers, which is often smaller. Here, you will find a few bars (some upscale, others casual) and a variety of clubs and nightlife spots. No matter what you are into, you will be able to find somewhere to drink in the Seoul City.

Nightclubs are a huge business in Koreas capital, with most located either in Hongdae, a college area, or just south of the Han River in the trendy neighborhood of Gangnam. Nightclubs in South Korea are mostly concentrated in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon. While most of Koreas capitals restaurants are open at least 11pm, many of its busiest nightlife areas remain open till 3am, serving rowdy revelers who pour from bars and clubs. While exploring Seouls best Koreas nightlife spots, the shopping enthusiast may always opt for wandering through the streets of the night markets in Dongdaemun.

If you cannot find any restaurants open, do as a local and pick up instant Ramen at one of thousands of 24-hour convenience stores in Koreas capital. Rodeo Drive is where the crazy happens, and home to some of the most expensive clubs and luxury hotels in Seoul. If you are not strictly budget conscious, then go out for lunch and drinks at Apgujeong (but prepare your wallet, seriously) before heading out on the road in Gangnam. As a result, Seoul has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Asia, making it an ideal destination for party animals and late-night ravers...if they can keep up with the locals, that is. There are a variety of large, gaudy clubs all over Seoul, featuring varying types of music and vibes that cater to almost every preference.

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